Who do I write for?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day. He’s pretty big into the music scene and I’m pretty big into this writing scene; two different things that have a lot in common. We were talking about how bands/writers change over time, sometimes for money or fame.


In Beasts of Burdin there was a character all of my beta readers fell in love with, because of that I made her a larger part of the story and more of a role in the book. I also paid more attention to what made people like her. Sure, there will probably be readers that don’t care for her character will be unhappy the more focus I put on her. If at the end of the day 8 of 10 people are happy with this extra character’s development I feel like I’ve done a good job.


He argued that he makes his music for himself, as his own personal release and wouldn’t change it for anyone. A very solid point that I can’t fault him for. He also figured that if he “faked” his persona or style or whatever it would be so transparent that no one would believe him anyway.


This may be a cop out, but I don’t think either of us are wrong. To me it just depends on who you are writing for. My writing started for me and my wife. It progressed to the point that I wanted to share it with the world. I still write for my own thoughts first, but know I do have an audience to consider too.


The million dollar what if is where things get hard for me. If (Huge Name Publisher here) calls me tomorrow and offers me a million dollar contract to write a book I don’t want to write what would I do? Could I write something I didn’t want to to make money? The honest answer is: I would try damn hard.


Here’s my reasoning: I spend a lot of time, a really large amount of my weekly hourage, at my day jobs. If I got this huge amount of money to write something not my style I would be able to quit my day jobs to become a full-time writer. Being a full-time writer would give me the time to sharpen my skills along with write lot’s more material. I could write the things I want to write while still writing the things I don’t.


Would the large-publisher book suck? Probably, I don’t the a creator can force creation and come out with a good product. But if it would offer me more time to work on projects I was passionate about and spend more time with my family I don’t think it would take much thought.


This post was way longer than I intended, but it’s done now. I’m writing this at midnight after working 61 hours in four days at the day jobs so there are probably typos and my logic may have ended somewhere around the first sentence. Forgive me if it did.


What are you thoughts guys?

6 thoughts on “Who do I write for?

  1. I write for my readers. That being said, I count myself pretty prominently among my readers. I’m the one who has to live with the story during its drafting and revisions, and with having my name on it ever after, so I’m going to work darn hard to make sure that I like it. I’ll also do whatever I feel I can that’s conducive to other people liking it, too. There is often (if not anything like always) room for compromise, and to tailor things toward what you know or guess will please the people who (one can hope) spend money on your book. So I’d say if you’re in it for the love, don’t leave your heart out of it, and if you’re cool with going the purely mercenary route, more power to you. (:

    • Right now, I’d definitely say it’s for the love of it, but if mercenary ever became an option I’m not sure I could turn it down. I work a lot and writing has yet to feel like work to me.

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