I could be a hypocrite, maybe

I’ve been thinking about something for the last couple weeks. I don’t want to turn things in to a political debate or any junk like that, just want to get some thoughts out there. Personally, I’m not a big fan of guns. I’ve shot a gun exactly two times in my life, the most recent of which was over 15 years ago. Both times were enjoyable, I guess.

Some days I have a bigger problem with firearms than others, but every day they scare me. Guess I’m just a wuss, but even holding an unloaded gun makes me uneasy. Getting to the point, I have finished almost four novels now. Guns are a large part of three of the four of them. And in the most recent two, the main character is a dual pistol wielding badass, although even he prefers to use a big knife.

So I can’t decide if not liking guns personally and writing about characters who use them at will is hypocritical. I don’t think so, and I guess it doesn’t really matter because I’m not changing my story, but still I wonder. I know it’s just fiction, but there’s a big part of me laced throughout that fiction. Then again, if I were face to face with a demon, like the character in my books, I’m sure my gun policy would be radically different.

9 thoughts on “I could be a hypocrite, maybe

  1. I don’t think having gun toting characters make you a hypocrite. Not all your characters can be like you. They have their own life! (How you know you’re a writer, you insist your characters are their own people separate from you. lol)

  2. Patricia speaks true. Our characters are their own people — with their own current situations and their own backstories leading them to this point — and so will often hold values that differ from ours. This is a good thing. Much as we might sometimes wish that the whole world would share our opinions, a fictional world in which everyone does probably wouldn’t feel realistic enough to suit most readers. It would also make a plot’s necessary conflict a lot harder to come by.

  3. Hmmmm. One sentence sticks out – “I know it’s just fiction, but there’s a big part of me laced throughout that fiction.” So does your using characters who wield weapons make you a hypocrite? Nope! Not at all because, I could almost guarantee that if having a weapon in your hands and not having one meant a choice between life or death, you’d do whatever was necessary to protect yourself. People have been so sensitised to believe that weapons are wrong. Well no, they’re not if they’re used correctly. Sadly, or understandably, criminals don’t give a rat’s arse about these sensitivities except when someone stands up to them with a bigger weapon than theirs. It’s all a matter of priorities I guess…

    I know that doesn’t help one whit but that’s my tuppence worth.

  4. I’ve always been a pretty hardcore pacifist, but after my home was broken into I realized if I was confronted with a situation in which I had to either take defensive action or see my wife in jeopardy my pacifism would go out the window. I pray I never have to use that new shotgun, but it’s there should the need arise…

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