Fun to see an improvement in other people’s writing

Hey guys. I took last week off because I had a guest post on Terri Rochenski’s blog and figured there was only so much of me anyone could stand in a one week period.

Now, I’m back and better than ever. Maybe. I guess.

On to the point. The other day I started reading a book by a famous author I really like. The book was one of his first published works and the synopsis sounded like something I could really get in to.

Turns out, I couldn’t. I quit reading about halfway through because I didn’t like it. It’s a rare thing for me to stop reading a book, but I just couldn’t get in to this one. It’s even crazier considering his newer series is one of my absolute favorites. The older story just didn’t seem to be written as well as the new stuff.

This stands to reason. The more we do something, the better we get at it, practice makes perfect and all that junk. I’m just saying that as a relatively new author it’s refreshing to see that even best selling authors have room for improvement. It makes their writing seem somehow more achievable, I guess.

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