H is for Heart-Shaped Box #AtoZChallenge @joe_hill

ImageHere we go with another item on the list of things that influence my writing a to z.

H is for Heart-Shaped Box a novel by Joe Hill. It makes the list because it is the first book I ever read that scared the shit out of me.

I will be the first to tell you that I’m not big on horror movies. I don’t so much mind scary stuff as I mind all of the gore filmmakers think they need to make them scary. Because of that I was apprehensive about reading a scary novel. Heart-Shaped Box showed up in my “you might like” list and I clicked on it out of curiosity.

It was described as a story about a washed up metal singer with a taste for collecting macabre items. One of the items, a dead man’s suit, comes back to haunt him, literally. This one top of sharing the name of a Nirvana song was all I needed. I read it, and it was creepy as hell.

Thanks Joe for writing something frightening that doesn’t have to be gross or gruesome.



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H is for Heart-Shaped Box

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