A is for Atmosphere

Okay, so I hope I’m not too late for this thing. Brief intro: I am a rather new author and I’m going to use this list to show what’s inspired me. Done.

Day one: A is for Atmosphere. No, not all that air and gas and stuff. I’m talking about the hip-hop duo Atmosphere. Hip-hop isn’t for everyone and it’s honestly not even my favorite genre, but the ability they have to put a story into a song amazes me.

On the album “When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold” every single track is a story of new characters and almost every one of them is heartbreaking. The amount of emotion that they can pack into three minutes is something that I am envious of. I swear they pack more into a song than I do a 70,000 word novel. (I really, probably shouldn’t admit that…)

That’s all till tomorrow.