Don’t Like This Country? GTFO

For some reason I haven’t been writing much about writing, but all these social/political arguments keep popping to mind. I think it’s a formula of 1 part sleep deprivation and 1 part Facebook (Why do I even bother) that create 1 part bitchy human. Whatever it is, I’m here to bitch. Well, hopefully make some valid points anyway.

Earlier today I saw a Facebook post someone shared from Sarah Palin. Had I noticed who the original post was from, I would have just skipped it and saved myself the trouble. Anyway, this post said something to the extent of: other countries banned guns, instead of thinking we should ban guns, you should just move your ass to another country.

This isn’t really a new sentiment. My country, love it or leave it. You’re all-American or you’re a Nazi. Red, White, Blue and fucking patriotism goddammit. Where’s my bald eagle? Someone get me the founding fathers on the phone, STAT! Because let me tell you, right here, right now, if it’s American it can’t be wrong and there’s no need to adapting to accommodate the changing American zeitgeist (<–I’ve been waiting forever for a good time to use that word). The Constitution was written by the founding fathers, great men who got it right the first fucking time and saw no need to change it.

That smart group of men were so far ahead of their time, they thought to include topics such as: the right to not incriminate one’s self, freedom for all regardless of skin color, the right for women to vote, and even THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS…

Oh, wait. What’s that? Those things weren’t in the original constitution? Amendments? Like, an addition? So, as in, a change?

Well, color me a fool and call me your uncle, I’ve just learned that our government has the power to make changes based on a changing world. But that’s not right. My country, love it or leave it. Remember? Not: My country, love it or work to actively change it to make it a better place. That’s not the damn slogan…but maybe it should be.

Simply because I do not agree with one, or even many, American policies doesn’t make me less American. Some would argue that it makes me more. Now this is not an argument for or against banning guns. I’m just tired of the ‘get out of my country’ way of arguing.

Coincidentally, I wonder how many people have permanently moved out of country since the gay marriage ruling. Love it or leave it, mother fuckers.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Like This Country? GTFO

  1. I wasn’t born in America but I wish I were. Such a wonderful nation! But I feel sad when I see recent happening such as gun violence, debate around gay marriage verdict etc. However I agree with you “leave the country” is not a solution.

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