Can we please stop trying to ban things?

I’m just going to lead off with this: banning things is fucking ridiculous. Okay, maybe not everything. Personally, I’d be okay with a ban on 113,434 round shotgun clips or whatever they’re called, but that’s a different story for a different day. But this whole Confederate flag debacle has had me thinking. And honestly the complete whiplash of public scorn seems like a bit much. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

Disclaimer: I fucking hate the Confederate Flag. Aside from whatever racist aspects, I’ve always thought it to be un-American. If you think the south will rise again and you’re some Confederate son, cool, but you’re fighting against America. The south fought so that it could be separate from America. That’s my stance on the flag, if you were curious.

Now, I have noticed that since everyone quit selling Confederate flag junk I have seen more flags flying in rusted out truck beds than I think I’ve ever seen. That’s the nature of things. We humans are kind of stupid and the most sure fire way to make us want some shit is to say we can’t have it. It’s some kind of Freudian supply and demand or something. Okay, that’s probably not the best description, but still. How many people have read banned books because they were banned? *Raises hand* It’s cool. It’s edgy. You feel like you’re getting some shit over on the man because you’ve taken part in some secret plot to get around the fascist asshole that makes all those goddamn rules.

So the rebel flag is suddenly an ethical faux pas or whatever. What’s a good rebel to do other than fly those fucking colors with honor. Fuck that shit, I’m proud of my heritage, I’ll show it off. And you know what? That’s cool. Be proud of your heritage. Show it off. That makes it that much easier for me to understand I have no desire to ever speak to you. I have seen people with Swastika tattoos. And let’s be honest, racism and the Confederate flag can be argued, but a Swastika? Not so fucking much. Now the first amendment protects a person’s right to get that tattoo. The same right offers me the ability to call that person a racist piece of shit who would be better served as a pavement substitute than trying to walk around pretending to be any form of human being.

I guess it’s all just a slippery slope, but it’s a slope our founding fathers chose to slide down when they figured this shit out. They understood that as a free country, everyone has the right to their own opinion, ignorant or not. We can chose to engage these people on their beliefs or we can chose to ignore them, but what we can’t do, is put a legal muzzle on them. All it will do is polarize the sides even more. I’m just saying, these matters are tricky. I’ve met people with rebel flag whatever that I don’t believe are racist and I’ve met people who don’t own a bit of Confederate anything that are racist as all fuck.

Back to that slope though, say you ban racism or any racist speak. That’s a pretty honorable goal, right? I think so. I hope you do too. It’s offensive and breeds hate. But what about other things that set the grounds for disagreements. Atheists and Christians seem to dislike each other pretty hard. Lot’s of conflict there. Are we going to ban Christian speak or Atheist speak to make the other side happy? I hope not. Freedom of speech means you can tell me how Jesus is the way and I can tell you the Bible is a bunch of garbage written by man to control men. That’s the way of the beast.

So am I for the Confederate Flag? Hell no. Am I for freedom of speech? Yup.

HOWEVER, the flag has no place on any government buildings.

With all that said, repainting the General Lee is stupid and I’ve never even seen one minute of the Duke boys’ shenanigans.

One thought on “Can we please stop trying to ban things?

  1. I agree the flag doesn’t belong in government places, but I also don’t see a need to pull reruns of the Dukes because it’s painted on the car hood. And painting over the actual car? No. That’s like when there was a thing over taking out the N word out of HuckFin. Yes, it’s not a good word and has lots of bad attached to it, but the time period it fits. You can’t write a historical novel set during slavery times and not have that word crop up.

    Today, people seem to be too gung ho to ban something that might upset someone else and forgetting that sometimes we NEED to be upset. It gets us thinking and challenges us. It helps us REMEMBER and, hopefully, keeps us from repeating those mistakes again.

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