This is why I write #MondayBlogs

Okay, so last week my buddy Mark T. Conard tagged me in this little blog hoppy thingy madoo. I completely forgot about it until right this second, so forgive me as the rest of this is shit is made up off the top of my head. Also, Mark is a kickass writer, I just finished his book Killer’s Coda. Go read it.


So why do I write? Easy. It’s fun. I’ve always written in one form or another, crappy teenage poetry or songs or 2nd grade comic books. A couple years ago I fucked up and wrote a novel. No really, it was a joke. I had no idea what I was doing or how to write anything. This nifty idea just popped in my brain and I was like, ‘huh, I could make a book of that’. So I wrote. Eighty thousand words of pure garbage muddying up a somewhat unique idea. I didn’t get that then.


I just knew that it was fun. Holy shit, I finished a novel. It was huge. So I blindly submitted it to agents like crazy. Stupid idea, I know. I’ve learned a lot since then. But, back on track, writing was, is, fun. It’s a blast. I get to create and then brutally murder things on a daily basis and people laugh about it.  And sometimes people even pay me for it. Holy shit. Did I mention writing is fun?


That’s it for me. Whether I hit the bestseller list tomorrow or never have another word published, I will write because I enjoy it. I get to make people laugh or cry or just, feel. That’s a wonderful thing to do with my spare time.  That is why I will always write.


To all the writers reading this: Have fucking fun. Okay? *Knocks on forehead* Yeah, shit’s stressful and rejection hangs around every corner, but THIS. IS. SUPPOSED. TO. BE. FUN. GODAMMIT. Have a good time out there guys. I hope you enjoy your week.

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