I’ve Been Summoned #MondayBlogs

Okay, so my pal Jon Lister has nominated me for this blog hop thingery-do. He didn’t quite call it that, I’m putting words in his mouth a little bit. If you click his name you will be magically transported to his blog. Shit is much more eloquent out his way. YOU GUYS ARE ALL HERE FOR THE ALL CAPS CUSSING, AM I FUCKING RIGHT? Right.  So yeah, I’ve got to answer a couple questions and tag a few friends. Here goes the easy part.

1) What am I working on?

A) I am working on a new stand along novel called ‘Hero Engine’. It’s about a machine that makes people into super heroes. Well, less about the machine and more about super heroes being assholes. Come on, am I the only one who thinks if Tony Stark were a real dude I would fucking hate him? I would just sit on my couch watching the Iron Man news and be all like, “Fuck that guy, just some rich prick in a suit.” Hell, he’d probably have his own reality show and then I’d really have something…Sorry, side tracked. Anyway…


2)How does my work differ from others of its genre?

A) Because to me it’s more of a comic book in novel form. Mostly because I wanted to write a comic book, but I’m too lazy to search out an illustrator that doesn’t hate me. Also, I wrote it and who in the hell can put together a nice pun like me? Well, okay, pun is the wrong word. Who can belligerently cuss like me?


3)Why do I write what I do?

A) Because it’s a fucking lot of fun and I sucked at playing guitar.


4)How does your writing process work?

A) I start by writing an outline that would probably fit on a very small napkin and then I write words. I change my mind a lot so the outline is much more of a guideline than any kind of rule.


Now I’m supposed to name three people to pass this stuff on to. Um, crap. This is where being a solitary writer guy really fucks me. How bout:


J. Edward Paul: He’s a writer of the Whiskey and Wheelguns series and I think he’s got a novel sitting around in his brain somewhere if he can ever shake the thing loose.


Laney McMann: She writes some of the best teen fiction I’ve read. Well, no, I don’t generally read teen fiction, but when I do, it’s usually Laney’s


Jessica West: She writes all over the place and has recently taken the helm of the hilarious named blog: Prose Before Hohos.


All right, that’s it. Go check out their spots now.

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