Burdin of Choice Cover Reveal!!!

perf5.250x8.000.inddLook at that. Ain’t she pretty? Or I guess he. Either way. Here’s the cover for my newest book, Burdin of Choice. It’s the sequel to Beasts of Burdin, so if you haven’t read that yet, you need to get on it. Like, today. Please?


The sequel is coming out in November and here is the blurb if you need words to go along with your fancy cover.


Ty Burdin is back. Back to drinking and back to avoiding demons. He is, of course, the leading expert in his field. In both subjects.
That’s probably why, when a shady character, or customer as Ty likes to call them, offers him way too much money just to locate a missing car and some mysterious cargo, he readily agrees. The dude was human after all—Ty’s prime target client base.
Of course, along with the money comes a slew of disappearing people. All of whom Ty tries to ignore while tracking down the car. They might be demon related, which of course, Ty will have nothing to do with.
There’s an agency for that, and Agency business is not his. Period. 
Until today.
Now, Ty Burdin is to drinking and back to … everything he vowed never to get involved with again. 
Question is, which one will kill him first? The booze? The demons? Or the Agency?

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