Holy Shit It’s Over

I’ve been busy with a million things and as opposed to doing any one of them well, I’ve been half assing everything. I went to see where my blog tour was today and realized it’s over. That’s right, done. Call this gravy and put it over some potatoes because I’m hungry.


This week was another short one with only two stops. I got to give a quick interview with JeanzBookReadNReview and I told The Cover Contessa about my ideal paranormal character.


This is officially the end of my marketing for Beasts of Burdin, well, sort of. Of course I’m going to be doing some giveaways and keeping everyone up with awesome new reviews. With Beasts in the Books, I’m happy to tell you that the sequel, Burdin of Choice, will be available Nov 10 and I’ve just started writing the third and final installment, Ty Down. It should be ready to go early-ish next year. Thanks for all the love and support guys! Hope you like the book.

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