Blog Tour Roundup Week Two

Hey all,

Here with another update about this lovely blog tour. Did I say lovely? I mean THIS TOTALLY BADASS, ASS KICKING, NO SHIT TAKING FROM NOBODY blog tour.

Anyway, I had some pretty fun stops so here they are.

On Monday I got interviewed by one of Robin Hood’s merry fellows. It was interesting and you got to find out why all of my kids have the letters “VA” in the middle of their names.

Tuesday, I stopped at J.A. Belfield’s place to tell her what Ty needs to survive a day of demon hunting. You might be surprise by the answer. It’s very heartfelt.

Wednesday was another quick interview with Emi Gayle about how much high school sucks.

-Next, I told Jen at Random some tips for surviving demons and she wrote a clever review of Burdin in poem form.

-And Today (Friday), I had an interview with Laney McMann. She gets some pretty honest answers (really) about where Beasts of Burdin came from.


Lastly, I put up what might be the funniest post I’ve ever written at the Prose Before Hohos blog. It’s about accidentally summoning a demon and contains at least one reference to The Craft…

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