Anyone wanna write with me?

To all my writer-type buddies out there. I saw a funny story a while back about a college ‘tandem writing’ project where two people alternated writing a story one paragraph at a time. The story was written by a guy and girl and they end up destroying each others attempts at actually telling a story. It’s hilarious and I’ll try to post it at some point if I can find it.

Anyway, my point is, would anyone out there want to do this kind of thing for fun? I figure it might be fun to get a couple writers together to create a ridiculous story or two and I will post them to the blog. If you want to do this with a friend or with me it doesn’t matter. It’s just an interesting way to do some less-than-serious writing. Hell, if we got serious about it, we could even have readers vote as to who had the more enjoyable half of the story.

Anyway, if you want to try this, drop me an email or leave a comment or tweet me or write a letter or whatever.


***Update: Here is the original post that gave me the idea:

I’m thinking the farther apart in genres the two writers are, the more hilarious it could be.

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