Cover Reveal – Unnatural

Hey all,

Today I get to be part of J.A. Belfield’s cover reveal for her newest book in the Holloway Pack series. To be completely honest, I’m not much of a romance reader, but I have read another book from the series and enjoyed it. There’s a kind of snarkiness to Belfield’s writing that I appreciate and I’ll definitely be looking forward to checking this one out.


So, here it is in all its half-naked glory, the cover of Unnatural:



See naked people. And a big cat. Wait, I thought this story was about werewolves? It’s called Holloway Pack. Cats don’t run in packs, they run in…prides? Maybe, that’s a different kind of cat. Well, I’m off to research groups of large felines while waiting on Mrs. Belfield to send my beta copy.

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