Z is for Ze Germans #AtoZChallenge

Image“What are you afraid of ze Germans?” Jason Statham’s character Turkish from the movie Snatch.

Snatch is an awesome movie by Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex-husband for those tabloid people out there. Its got Brad Pitt as a bareknuckle boxing gypsy with the best accent I’ve ever heard in a movie. This is pretty much all you need to know. Pitt’s character is hilarious.

If you need more than that it’s full of seemingly random characters that all intertwine by the end of it. It’s full of violence and bad language and all kinds of other fun things. Snatch is a fun movie and probably the second best of Ritchie’s movies. Second to Rock’n’Rolla. Both are very good movies that not many people seem to know about so if your looking for something different give Snatch a try.

Warning the following video is hilarious … and may offend people sensitive to foul language.

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