Yey me, I won a Liebster award!

So … I got nominated for a Liebster Blog Award. The nominator is a lady named J.A. Belfield —you should go check her out and say hi.

Here’s how it goes:

* Each nominee must answer the 11 questions.
* Create 11 questions for the next nominees to answer.
* Link back to who nominated them.
* Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
* Go to their page and tell them.
* No tag backs!

Got it?


Here are my well-crafted answers.

1. What is your favourite genre to read?

A: My favorite stuff to read is either absurd or action packed. I like the absurd because it’s fun and I like action packed because I’m a dude and dudes like explosions. Oh yeah, and I’ve developed a taste for horror here recently a la Joe Hill and Jonathan Maberry. So books, is my answer I guess. Me like books.

2. You’ve just won a competition and the prize is any pair of shoes in the world of your choice. Describe them.

A: A pair of Jimmy Vuttons autographed by Manolo Kors. That’s a real thing, right? (Fun Fact: I had to use Google just to get that answer wrong correctly.)

3. Which fictional character would you most like to meet and why?

A: This is a really hard question. I’ll come back to this. So, I’ve answered the rest of the questions and come back to this one. Okay, I got it. Dr. Doolittle so he can tell my dog that if he pees on any of my furniture again I will beat him to death. I’ve tried explaining and it just looks at me and licks its nose.

4. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Undead beings are beating at your door, slobbering over your freshly-cleaned patio windows, and you’re barricaded into your living room. Sticking to truth, what’s the most useful item you have to help you swing your way out of this somewhat precarious situation?

A: My youngest son. He’s fearless and bites harder than them.

5. I’ll never understand why mashed potato is considered a signature dish for a certain chicken restaurant in the US, so if you couldn’t have both, but had to choose, which way would you swing? Chicken or mash?

A: Potatoes Belfield, potatoes. Unless of course you make you mashed potatoes with only one potato, in that case carry on. As for my answer, it’s simple. French fries.

6. What is your most favourite accent in the world *cough* British *cough*?

A: I’d have to go with a smooth talking Cajun accent. Don’t know why, but I’ve always thought it sounded cool.

7. If you could visit any fictional land (created world/situation/etc) from any book of your choosing, which world/situation would choose to play witness to and why?

A: My first thought was Westeros from Game of Thrones. Then I thought about it and honestly the Game of Thrones universe would be terrible to live in, unless I could have dragons. So, upon further reflection I will have to go with the obvious choice, Neverland.

8. Slippers or socks? No, they’re NOT the same!

A: I don’t understand this question. I wear socks under my shoes. Slippers are something my wife wears because apparently a woman’s feet are incapable of generating their own warmth. So um…Socks?

9. Favourite James Bond actor? Why, what’s so special about him, then?

A: Daniel Craig. He’s suave and the three new movies are really good and he’s better than Pierce Brosnan (the only other actor to play Bond since I’ve been old enough to care. Yes, I’m a young’un). Sean Connery is the man, but more as the old pissed off Scottishman than the debonair English spyguy.

10. Best (in your opinion) special effects for a werewolf film to date? (to the US folk out there, film = movie. )

A: Um, the only two Werewolf movies I’ve seen recently were Wolfman, which was terrible, and Twilight which was terrible-er. Oh, wait I forgot about Underworld. Yeah, I’ll go with that. It wasn’t terrible. I know this was supposed to be about special effects, but newer is usually better and I simply couldn’t pick either of the first two movies I mention. Also I figured Silver Bullet was out of the question.

11. And last but not least: Head into your mobile (mobile = cell phone *snicker*) scroll through your ‘favourites’ list of numbers, find the number that you dial the most … Who is it? Can I have their number? ‘Cause they must be pretty cool if you ring them all the while, right?

What d’you mean I can’t have it?

Hmmm, okay then, how about: What topic are you’re planning to write (or blog) about next?

A: Dialed most is definitely the wife. Sure you can have it, but international calls are pretty expensive so don’t call collect. Can people even still call collect? Is that a thing anymore? All the sudden I have a rush of Carrot Top commercials flooding through my mind. Dial 1-800-c-o-l-l-e-c-t or whatever brand he endorsed. Wow, I’ve really veered off subject here. My next blog post is going to about this Liebster thing.

My questions:

  1. If you could get in a fight with any historical figure who would it be? If you’re not a violent person by nature we’ll call it a heated debate. (Yes, I borrowed this from a movie, but I still wanna know.)
  2. Cake or pie?
  3. Candy or dessert?
  4. What movie can you watch on repeat and not get bored with?
  5. If you could make a deal with the devil, what would you bargain for?
  6. Who is the greatest guitarist of all time? You can go with band if you aren’t too in to guitarists.
  7. Would you rather live in an extremely hot climate or an extremely cold climate? I’m talking North Pole or Sahara.
  8. What are the best three pizza toppings?
  9. Would you rather go bald older in life or go gray early in life but keep your hair?
  10. Who would you rather hang out with Tony Stark (Iron Man) or Bruce Wayne (Batman)?
  11. If you had to pick a book to crush a terrifyingly large spider, what book would you use?

 Patricia Lynne

Jonathan Lister

Michelle Proulx

Jake Jackson

Maggie @ ExPat Brazil

Jay Noel

Courtney Worth Young

Tim Redman

Okay so I went through my list of people following me that are real people and haven’t been nominated recently and I only came up with 8 names. I know, I’m lame. I’ve really gotta get out more.

8 thoughts on “Yey me, I won a Liebster award!

  1. Nice answers to the questions.
    Technically I’ve been nominated for this award. Twice already. I was just waiting until the challenge was over. =P I’ll add you to the list of people I need to thank. (That makes me sound popular doesn’t it?)

    • Does make you sound very popular. I couldn’t even drudge up 11 other people to nominate, only got 8. I’ve only been doing this blog thing for like a month though so I guess I’m doing pretty good.

  2. Cajun accent, don’t know why? Rubbish; there’s only one supreme reason why, and it starts with “Gambit” and ends with “Gambit”.
    That’s right: “Gambit. ‘Cause Gambit.”

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