W is for Whiskey #AtoZChallenge

ImageAlmost there, only three more posts after this one and for some reason I swear it’s getting harder to come up with things the closer I get to the end of the alphabet…Anyway, today is W and in my book W stands for whiskey.

Every writers’ favorite muse, right? Eh, probably not anymore, it seems like I see more writers talking about their coffee fix than their alcohol fix. Me? I’m a little bit of both, I’d say I enjoy ten cups of coffee a week and three alcoholic beverages a week (W can also stand for wine you know).

I’d say whiskey is my favorite alcohol of them all though. Not so much straight, I’m kind of a wuss like that. Whiskey sour is my go-to drink, but I’ve recently started making Tom Collins’ (I guess that’s how you spell that) with whiskey instead of vodka or gin and it’s delicious.

This inspires me, I guess. Maybe I just really wanted to write about whiskey. I’m not sure anymore. Well, it’s already done now. I’m not changing it. I guess this is where I close. My top three would probably be a good way to end this article. Sound good to you? If not I guess you could just stop reading and call this the end right now.


Still there? Okay my top three whiskeys:

1. Crown Royal

2. Jameson Special Reserve

3. Macallan’s 10 (I haven’t tried anything older, can’t afford it at the moment, but this is the favorite drink of the character Ty Burdin in my new novel)

Well, that’s that. Have a g’day folks.

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