V is for Vintage Trouble #AtoZChallenge @VintageTrouble

ImageAlmost done with the A to Z challenge. The theme for this month has been an introduction to the things that inspire me as an author. So far its been everything from books to TV show to movies to music. Today it’s more music.

Musically speaking Vintage Trouble is a modern blues band, but something makes them different. That something is the lead singer. This guy packs more soul, more emotion in his voice than anyone since James Brown. The lyrics are good as well, but the main thing that keeps me playing their debut album, Bomb Shelter Sessions, on repeat is the guys voice.

Any artist that shares emotion this well through any medium is someone I’m jealous of and someone that I try to channel into my writing. So far I’m not anywhere near Vintage Trouble.

By the way, times running out to enter to win a copy of one of my favorite books, John Dies at the End. All you have to do to enter is follow me on twitter (@alexnaderwrites) and then tweet this message: Follow @AlexNaderWrites and RT this for a chance to win A copy of John Dies at the End in paperback



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