U is for Unveil #AtoZChallenge @JTaylorPub

ImageHey everybody, today is the day I’ve been waiting for for over a month now. U is for Unveil, as in J. Taylor Publishing is unveiling me as their newest author.

Here read this:

Alexander Nader Signs With J. Taylor Publishing In Three-Book Deal For His Beasts Of Burdin Comedic Urban Fantasy Series

Demon hunting at it’s best comes April 2014 in the form of Ty Burdin, self-righteous, anti-introspective character created by author Alexander Nader

Apex, NC – April 24, 2013 – For the moment, Alexander Nader will work his two jobs in the hopes that writing will one day be his only job. At the same time, he’s starting down the road to reaching his dreams with Beasts of Burdin, a comedic urban fantasy series set in east Tennessee. 

“Before we read Beasts of Burdin, we hadn’t encountered a character with such a wide ranging set of his own problems. Demons if you will. Ones that are all too common in today’s society,” says J. Taylor Publishing, adding, “except that his profession would never make the government census. With the attitude and constant sarcastic quips, we knew we had to publish the story.”

Beasts of Burdin is Alexander’s third complete novel. “While I was wrapping up my second novel, I had an idea about a demon hunter. The more I thought about the character and his problems, the more I wondered, what if demons were real because we made them real? Because our minds conjured them. And then, what would a demon hunter do?” 

Of course, in a world where demons can’t exist, at least not out in the open, that generally means someone is hunting them. In comes Ty Burdin.
“No matter the type of story, to include conflict, there must be an antagonist and a protagonist, of some sort,” says J. Taylor Publishing. “Main Character Ty Burdin is his own worst enemy—yet he’s also a man women will love and men will wish were their best friend. Not to be him, just to befriend.”
Demons and laughter aside, in Beasts of Burdin, Alexander showcases the power behind the human mind as well as the weakness. “I have always thought the human brain was capable of far more than we actually use it for. And sometimes, the brain and what the world says you should do just don’t mix,” says Alexander.
The connection of the two became the catalyst for Beasts of Burdin. 
Working on book two as well as other stories, Alexander is preparing for a world of writing, editing and particularly marketing as he reaches his first, but hopefully of many, publishing goals. 
“The idea of having fans who want to read what I have to say is something that makes me want to put my head down and finish six more novels this week,” says Alexander.
If they are as funny, concise and unique as Beasts of Burdin, Alexander has a long future ahead of him.

Beasts of Burdin is planned for release in April 2014, with book two in November 2014 and the third in 2015.

For more about Alexander Nader, please visit https://alexnaderwrites.wordpress.com

About the Publisher
J. Taylor Publishing is an Independent Publisher who, thanks to the Internet, has a worldwide reach. Our debut authors are in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The company produces print and electronic books. For more information about J. Taylor Publishing, please visit www.jtaylorpublishing.com.
I am super excited to be a part of the J. Taylor family. Everyone I’ve met from J. Taylor has been extremely helpful and I have really just gotten started. Thanks to J. Taylor for giving Beasts of Burdin a chance, I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

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  1. Congratulations! Will you please let me know when and where I can order the book? It sounds delightful and I am very happy to support a fellow A-Zer… 🙂

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