T is for Tattoo #AtoZChallenge

ImageThat’s it, I’m saying this right here, right now. Tattoos are art at the very least and extremely personal portraits of someone’s own unique symbols in most cases. You can, and do, judge a book by it’s cover just as well as you can, and do, judge a person by theirs.

If you see a guy with tattoos up his neck, a swastika on his forehead, and a teardrop on his face, that’s probably not someone that’s going to leave a good first impression. You see a guy with a tattoo of a pop culture reference that you enjoy and you immediately have something to talk about. In recent memory I’ve seen two different guys with “Veritas, Requitas” tattoos and we talked about how good of a movie Boondock Saints was. Maybe you see a portrait that you can tell was an old picture, probably someone’s grand-mother or father, and you can immediately tell how close that person was with that family member. Maybe someone has a tattoo of their last name or the flag of their country, you automatically know what that person has pride in.

Tattoos are art and art inspires me. Tattoos tell a story and stories inspire me. I’ve got three, each tell a small part of my personal story. Do you have any and if you do, what do they say about your story?


One of my wife’s tattoos. I helped design it 🙂


A tattoo that my wife drew for a friend.

14 thoughts on “T is for Tattoo #AtoZChallenge

    • Cool. “Meaningful to her” I think is a pretty important part of that comment. Something could just be a random image to one person and very meaningful to the person with the tattoo.

    • Thanks, she crazy artistic. I’ve been trying to talk her in to doing a graphic novel with me whenever we can both have time. I’m expecting it to come out sometime before 2030…

  1. I fully agree with your take on tattoos, they mean something to the person they’re on, even if they’re just related to a memory. I think it’s sad that people are so quick to judge others, whether it be for tattoos, race, weight, or anything else. I wish we could all be blind to a person’s appearance and simply see them for who they are.

    Congrats on completing a-z. 🙂

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