S is for Spider-Man #AtoZChallenge


S is for Spider-Man. This is the second comic book post in the list of things that inspire my writing and it happens to be my favorite comic character ever.

I grew up on the cartoon and read a few of the comics here and there as a kid. I had more Spidey toys than I can to admit (The only toys I had equal amounts of were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. I was young and impressionable and two outta three ain’t bad so don’t judge me.).


Image from Wikipedia page: Ultimate Spider-Man

The reason good ol’ Peter Parker is my favorite comic book hero is that he is a real person with real problems. He’s a kid that’s got to juggle school, a job (complete with an asshole boss), a girlfriend, a concerned aunt, AND fighting crime. He’s not some rich playboy out fighting bad guys cause there’s nothing cooler to do. (Stark, Wayne, I’m looking at you). He just happens to have super powers and a great sense of responsibility. Spider-Man fights bad guys because he feels he owes it to humanity to protect them.

It’s also fun and tragic watching him try to juggle all of the aspects of his life. I don’t think there was ever an extended period of time when he found a balance. Just when things start going his way, something pops up and complicates life all over again.

Spidey also has the coolest enemies of any comic character. Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Morbius, Lizard, Carnage, and the greatest comic villain of all time Venom. That’s right, I said greatest of all time. You could try to argue, but you’d be wrong. Venom is the shit. Period.

11 thoughts on “S is for Spider-Man #AtoZChallenge

  1. Spidey’s one of my faves! And agreed, he faces awesome villains. I confess a crush on the Venom from the “Spectacular Spider-Man” TV series. …Well, on Eddie before he Venom-ized. Either way, leagues cooler than the guy in “Spider-Man 3”; I didn’t hate the movie, but I can understand why people were disappointed.

      • I really liked Andy Garfield as Spider-Man. I hated the first two Toby movies enough that I never watched the third. I thought Toby was believable enough as Peter, but he fell flat as Spider-Man. Andy Garfield pulled off the quiet outsider thing as Peter and the quick-witted teenager as Spider-Man much better than Toby. Gwen Stacy was a great casting. I’m excited for the next movie. I actually saw a pic of Electro the other day, looks like they are taking a different direction with him from the comics so hopefully that goes good. I’d like to see Kraven in a movie (another awesome villian) or I’d lose my shit if they put carnage in a movie. I think CGI is good enough now to pull it off…It’s not good to get me started on Spidey. I have a hard time stopping.

      • Well, I don’t boast enough die-hard fan cred to testify as to which version of Spidey is truest to his roots, or what have you. All I’ve got is personal preference among the small sampling I’ve seen, and I much preferred Toby’s characterization to Andrew’s. Mostly goes to show how I feel about angsty teenagers, I expect. X)

      • I don’t think you need the angsty in angsty teenagers. Angsty is a given as a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve met a non-angsty teenager. I’ve now used the word angsty so many times I can’t say it in my head correctly anymore. Don’t you hate when that happens?

      • Angsty, angsty, angsty… okay, my fill is had.
        But hey, my teen self didn’t angst! …In public! That’s what family and journals are for. <.<

  2. Spiderman is an awesome superhero. I think I like superheros best when things don’t go their way so much, especially when their power cause a lot of problems like balancing life and superhero work at the same time. They seem more human to me then.

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