O is for On Writing #AtoZChallenge

ImageToday’s post is for the Stephen King book On Writing. It is a partial memoir of his life and his thoughts on the craft of writing.

The first section he chronicles some of his memories that led him down his path to becoming an author. At one point he talks about when he found out his first big novel Carrie was going to get him a big check and how he was struggling to support a family at the time. That part really stuck with me and it always lifts me up to hear other people’s success stories.

After he gets past the events that made him an author he talks about the actual nuts and bolts of writing. The things that work for him and what he thinks makes good prose. I don’t necessarily agree with it all, but he’s Stephen King so who am I to argue?

The final part is how while writing On Writing he was struck by a vehicle, a van I think, and ended up in a pretty bad spot. Another story that puts into perspective just how quickly one’s life can change.

It’s a good read and I would suggest it for anyone, even if you aren’t a writer.

I just want to make a note that On Writing almost lost out to Oreos for my O post. They are delicious.


8 thoughts on “O is for On Writing #AtoZChallenge

    • You should try them again, but this time with the secret Nader recipe. I’ve closely guarded it for close to a decade now. You get a tall glass, stack it full of Oreos, and fill it with milk. Wait approximately 57 seconds and then eat the Oreos with a spoon…Heaven.

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