M is for Muse #AtoZChallenge

ImageM is for Muse.

No, not the band, the inspirations. People have all sorts of muses. They can be people, books, music, quotes. Pretty much anything can inspire someone in some shape or fashion. Hell, the theme for my A to Z challenge is things that inspire me.

But I have one person that I consider my own personal muse and I’ve been married to her for almost nine years now. My wife is smart, creative, and never afraid to tell me when something needs changed. While writing my first two books I tried not to talk to her about them. I wanted the stories to surprise her, but it never failed in both books I got stuck and had to go to her for help. Now I just talk to her up front about all my story ideas. It’s nice to have someone there to say, “I like this idea but not that one.”

She also has all kinds of ideas of her own about my characters, some of them I use, some I don’t. It’s always nice to live with your inspiration and I truly believe that creativity inspires more creativity.

Now seems like a good time to remind you guys I am giving away a copy of one of my favorite books, John Dies at the End. All you have to do to enter is follow me on twitter (@alexnaderwrites) and then tweet this message: Follow @AlexNaderWrites and RT this for a chance to win A copy of John Dies at the End in paperback

And in case you came here for the band, here’s some of that too.

A is for Atmosphere

B is for Benny Imura

C is for the Crow

D is for Doomtree

E is for Empathy

F is for Fight Clube

G is for Game of Thrones

H is for Heart-Shaped Box

I is for Internet

J is for John Dies at the End

K is for Kids

L is for Logan and (Remy) LeBeau

10 thoughts on “M is for Muse #AtoZChallenge

    • I agree Absolution was the best. Every album since then has had a handful of good songs. I’ve got a friend that says Stephenie Meyer saying they were her favorite band ruined them. That seems a little strong, but I don’t really have an argument for that at the moment.

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