K is for Kids #AtoZChallenge

ImageSeeing as how I suck at planning and the A to Z challenge was kind of a last minute thing, I think I signed up with six hours left, I have spent these first two weeks flying by the seat of my pants. I have spent the last two days thinking about what starts with the letter K and inspires me.

I briefly thought about the band Kings of Nuthin’, a punk band with a piano line that reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis, but they don’t really inspire me so much as they are just awesome to listen to.

So at about 2a.m. last night my wife says to me, “What about kids?”

Huh. Such an important part of my life and it never even clicked. I have three kids a 3 yr old boy, a 7 yr old girl, and an 8 yr old boy. They are awesome and I love them more than I ever thought possible. My kids don’t just inspire my writing, they inspire my life. Because of them 65 hour workweeks (plus writing time) don’t seem so bad.

I also don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as funny as my children. Plus, nothing makes me question my thoughts and beliefs as much as explaining to and 8 yr old why I believe them. My family is everything to me and the things they teach me everyday show up in my life as much as my writing.

Draven, Ava, Xavier, I love you guys.

So in closing, I offer this:


A is for Atmosphere

B is for Benny Imura

C is for Crow

D is for Doomtree

E is for Empathy

F is for Fight Club

G is for Game of Thrones

H is for Heart-Shaped Box

I is for Internet

J is for John Dies at the End

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