D is for Doomtree #AtoZChallenge @YEAHRIGHTPOS

Okay guys, sorry if yesterdays post was a little jumbled. It had a crazy day of work and only had about two minutes to write it. Anyway, on with D.

D is for Doomtree.

What is Doomtree? According to their website they are, “A mid-west hip-hop collective.” (On second thought that might not be a direct quote, I’m going by memory, but it’s something like that.) They are a group of artists that all do great music independently and have all come together to make a collaboration album titled “No Kings.”

How have they inspired my writing? These guys have smarter, more literary raps than my actual literary works. I’m not sure how many rappers are referencing Kerouac, Poe, Hitchens, or Plath, but these guys definitely are. I have been following Doomtree for quite a while now and I still hear something I never noticed every once-in-a-while. Plus the head of the group, P.O.S., is one of the few people I’ve gotten to answer me on twitter, which makes him awesome.


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